by La Cumbia del Sol

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This is our second album, Enjoy it!


released October 17, 2015

Fabian Torres “Fao”: Percussion, keyboard, Vocals (Colombia)
Carol Avila: Bass (Guatemala)
Alicia Lin 林亞蒨: Percussion, vocals (Taiwan)
Andy Francis: Trombone (USA)
Rose Goossen: Trumpet, Vocals (Canada)
Emmanuel Brotte: Clarinet, Xiao (France)
Julian Emanuel: Drums (USA)
Nairong Guo 郭乃榕: Keyboard, Piano (Taiwan)

Guest Musicians:
Russell Rodgers: Guitar (Canada)
James Liu: Saxophone (Taiwan/USA)

All music by La Cumbia del sol except Bella Ciao (Traditional folk song)
Mix and production: Fao
Recorded at 麗風錄音室 Life Recording Studio (Taipei)
Art by: Alicia Lin
Drawings by: Nairong & Genaro Torres




La Cumbia del Sol Taiwan

We are music lovers from around the world that met by chance in Taipei, Taiwan (around 2012).

"The Cumbia From The Sun" is the name we choose because we play Cumbia, traditional music from Colombia, mixed with lots of genres from around the world (wherever the sun goes). Balkan, afro-latin, Reggae!

Welcome to the magical world of La Cumbia del Sol
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Track Name: Revolución
Pilas, nos mienten, la radio y la tele
a diario, repiten, al pueblo, sin mente
de frente, resiste, guerrero, rebelde
tu mente, controlan, dinero, caliente

[Revolución] del corazón, nos mienten, por mi gente
de la mente y del ambiente, de frente y diferente

El que no dice la verdad, la política actual
esta barato comprar, nos pueden parar
el agua no se va a agotar, el dinero es felicidad
la iglesia tiene la verdad, los hombres Superman
la hipocresía social, estereotipo actual
a la moda industrial, animales para usar
eso que te dan, y los que dicen jamás
no te lo van a enseñar, Revolución!
Track Name: Vagabundo
家や, 家族や, キッチンや, 安全や, ゴールや, 帰る国もない.
仕事, お金, 収入, 人生計画, 誰かに会う予定もない.
どこからもビザが下りない、グチャ祭りにも行けない、目指すべき目的もない、何もない, 見つけ出せない
おれは El Vagabundo
約束もできない, 何がないのかも話せない,
迷路から抜け出せない, けれど僕は幸せで輝いている
Track Name: Pachamama
I see my soul burning [All night long]
I keep thinking and thinking
how we save Pachamama, we love you so deep
I saw the news, is just disasters
well, lets do something, lets start singing for you

Brothers and sisters can't you see
The environmental reality?
I mean the cars, the scooters and the big AC
Be stinking up the land until we can't breathe
Temperatures rise with the population
You got to clean it up before my mama come
Because she is the one who makes the trees and the rain
She is the cause of the night and the day
She give life and she take it away
From the time of the dinosaur until the space age
Pachamama I am here to learn
I open my ears I listen to her
Well she don't want the oil
Or the Monsanto
Pachamama plant a seed she want the seed to grow
She don't want your dollars, she got no time for greed
Everything she want is everything that we need.
She's Pachamama

Sigo mama cantando, Marley cantame una canción
verde que te quiero verde, vamos unidos
no mas destrucción, ni a la polución, ni al consumismo
Qué paso en Tibet? Qué paso Kurdistan?
Qué paso Bolivia? Qué paso Palestina?
Track Name: Agua
[como el agua]
Muévete, relajate, sienteme, purifica,
Liberate, caete, suavemente, simplemente

Abandonate, expandete, fluye y fluye, sin conflicto
Abrazame, abusame, pero quiéreme y curame

Penetrante, refrescante, transparente, alegremente
Bailando y bailando, vive la vida, sin problema, rindete
Track Name: Forest [Camina por el bosque]
Camina por el bosque si quieres aprender…
Tigre, jaguar, lluvia, todo bajo el sol,
silencio somos seres, sin principio ni fin,
camina por el bosque, por el agua, por el viento,
camina por el Fuego, en silencio, lleva nada

Camina sin el miedo, a ninguna parte…
Aguila infinita, camino guerrero,
silencio, soledad, animal, oscuridad

Camina el camino y cuida de mi cuida de mi…
un camino es solo un camino, tu camino!
Track Name: Sunrise, sunset
Sometimes I'm crazy, sometimes I'm wise
sometimes I'm lost, where the sun will rise?
Let’s wake up dancing, lets wake up singing
let’s wake up for a different world, a world full of love,
for the sun, here comes the sun, is coming out,
is rising up, look out! sunrise!
lets look to the sun, lets swim to the moon
what happen to this world? did we forget the sun?
The power of the sun!

Sometimes I'm crazy, sometimes I'm wise
sometimes I realize, the sun is God
this sunset for dancing, this world is warming
the present for living, the sunset is done, bye my sun,
with the moon, guiding us, ball of fire, dance with us
Big bang! There’s a party in the sun,
and LCS is playing “El ritmo del fuego”
Let me love you before you runway with the moon